Tuesday, September 28, 2010

William, Bert, Tom and WFB 8th edition

Meet my first 3 Stone Trolls. As the Hobbit is one of my favorite books i decided these three should be named for the trolls in the story. Moving from left to right in the Photo we have Tom, William and Bert. Currently they are acting as my generals bodyguard, which also helps to prevent them from failing their stupidity rolls quite so often. Its quite a nice symbiotic relationship.

After half a dozen recent games of Warhammer Fantasy I'd say that overall I like 8Th edition. There are a few points I'm not so fond of, such as the rules that will nearly always allow High Elves to strike first and re roll misses. This also applies to the Primal Fury for rule for beastmen which is nearly as bad. The rules for maneuvering and charging seem a little too forgiving but they seem to clean up problems with playability. Overall my least liked issues are failure to win points for a unit not completely destroyed. (3 guys left out of 20 gives no victory points for example)and the Terrain rules. Simply stated the new rules for terrain are terrible. The new rules generate way to much terrain, and far to much of that is either mystical or magical in some way. As long as my opponent is of a like mind I prefer just plain terrain and not too much of it either.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thoughts on the Goblin a Day plan. 10 months later.

The Goblin a Day plan has gone quite well. Lately I'm not producing one figure per day, so I have fallen off the pump wagon in all honesty but I am still painting Night Goblins fairly regularly. When I'm not working on the Gobbos I'm painting Stone Trolls, squigs, and a few other things to add to their army. These extras have kept my production of pure Night Goblins a bit behind but that's OK, since I had about 220 Goblins already when my started to work on these supplementary units.

I highly encourage people to try a similar plan especially if, like me, you think of yourself as a slow painter. Make a goal for yourself. It does not need to be 1 figure a day. Perhaps 3 a week would be better for you. Keep the immediate focus small and plan to work on the overall project for a few months at least but dont worry about the big picture at first. Just tell yourself you have to do 3 a week (or whatever) and in no time you'll find a pleasing amount of painted figures accumulating on your desk. Another thing that might help is to tell friends about your goal. If nothing else they might say, "Hey, how are those figures coming?" when you see them. You'll be proud when you tell them how much progress you've made!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here we are again...

Well, its been about another 3 months without a post. Im happy to say Ive been pretty busy these last two months putting the finishing touches on units that had been painted for months and actually playing some games of Warhammer Fantasy Battles with those figures.
When the new edition of Warhammer was released I joined an escalation league at Grimfoe Games, a new local game store. Since then Ive played 6 games which is probably more games than I played of 7th edition in total. The goblins have won 2 and lost 4 for me. Most importantly I've had a great time playing with the army.
Like I said back when I began this blog, I didnt start a Night Goblin army in order to win at WFB. Im painting these guys for the fun of it all, and it has been a blast.

Here are a few pics of what is complete right now. I have 4 more infantry units waiting to have their bases finished. In total I think I have about 260 goblins done.