Sunday, August 25, 2013

Test figures and odds and ends

I had the urge to try and finish a few odds and ends that have been on my painting desk for a while. None of these have been based yet.  This first fellow is a test figure for some new Rank and File WSS Dutch I recently ordered. I want to paint some French eventually to fight them so I tried to pick a non white /grey uniformed regiment. Here is a musketeer of regiment Nassau Friesland. These figures wonderful and are not too chunky. The detail is marvelously crisp. The musketeer photo was taken outside on a sunny day and really shows the true colors very well.

 I also finished a few Perry plastic WOTR figures. Here are a test bowman, billman and standard bearer for Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset. If I can, I like to paint standard bearers as my test figures these days as they usually look extra cool and help inspire further painting more than usual!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Its funny how luck works. Habet Hoc Habet AAR

 Over the past few weeks we have been playing a Habet Hoc Habet campaign at our local game store. Tonight I fought two 1v1 gladiatorial combats. I fought against the same guy that slaughtered me in my very first match 2 weeks ago.

In the first one luck was CLEARLY not on my side. It went like this. I am a Murmillo. My lightly armed and armored opponent gets the first attack. He throws his spear and hits. I attempt to block with my large shield and miss. He rolls for location: Neck. Luckily I have my massive heavy helmet which offers amazing 2+ protection to my neck. I proceed to roll a 1 and FAIL my save on a d10!. He maxs his damage roll. I am dead....

See exhibit A:

That's me in the pool of blood.

Since the first fight went so quickly I and my opponent fought again. This time I brought my Retiarius, and my opponent was Murmillo.  He tried to close the distance between us but on my first attempt I ensnared him in my net! I closed and spent a few attacks stabbing him with my trident while he rolled really poorly trying desperately to cut himself free of the net. When he finally managed to get free he only had one action left before he died from loss of blood. Now the fates were truly on my side. With his last action he tried to attack me but his legs were so badly wounded that he couldn't move close enough to attack with his gladius before he succumbed to his wounds! Victory was finally mine!

Sadly I was so psyched by my netting victory that I failed to take a photo of that match. It figures...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Full Thrust AAR 8/18/2013

My good pals Dave,Rich and I got together yesterday to play some Full Thrust. In a strange alliance, Rich's Phalons and and my NAC faced off against the might of Dave's NSL.  Despite a SAVAGE thrashing by Dave we had a good time and hope to play again soon. Sadly the pics I took with my phone aren't the best.

Dave's NSL fleet

A portion of Rich's Phalon fleet


My NAC fleet

Just before the NSL started really kicking the snot out of us