Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Goblin A Day Plan

I have never planned a big or long term wargaming/painting project before but on December 16th, 2009, I launched the Goblin A Day plan. It's a very simple plan which arose from a recent conversation with an old friend. Paint one Night Goblin every day for a year. In the end I'll have an impressive horde with which to strike fear, at least momentarily, in the hearts of local Warhammer Fantasy Battles players.

I've been playing WFB for years with various armies and always thought about doing a goblin army some day. Two years ago I bought a box of Games Workshop Night Goblins with the intent of using them for a small skirmish army for something akin to Mordheim. I was really pleased at how quickly I could do nice paint jobs on these little guys in their heavy black cloaks. Normally I am a slow painter and to imagine painting a 300-400 figure army would be wishful thinking at best, but what if I were to take it slow and complete one Night Goblin a day. By this time next year I could have a fearsome clan of little green dudes in black. And thus it began...