Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Hydra Miniatures offerings

I just finished my Zenithian fleet for War Rocket, and a test figure for my Valkeeri troopers for Retro Raygun. The closeup of the Zenithian class 1 rocket is an attempt to show the paint better. After looking around for a nice metallic green I settled on Testors Mystic Emerald Lacquer spray. It's a bit hard to work with as it likes to repell paint and ink but shooting a thin glosscote onto the models after they were base coated improved adhesion of subsequent paints. Now I finally have enemies finished for my Valkeeri fleet to fight!


A few shots to illustrate relative scale of the 28mm Retro Raygun figures with class 4 War Rocket minis.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

For sale Adler 6mm SYW Austrians

I have 4 units of nicely painted Adler SYW Austrians for sale. All four units are 36 figures based 6 to a base for a total of 144 figures. Only one of the units has some flock on the bases as shown below. Im asking $70.00 USD plus shipping. If interested e mail me at willdwyer at aol dot com.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

more Baccus 6mm Seven Years War

Just wanted to share a few quick photos of my first few 6mm Baccus Seven Years War units. Im planning to make a home brew ruleset crunching elements of BAR and Warfare in the Age of Reason together. Bases are 5 inches long and give a great linear warfare look. There are 40 infantry and 15 cavalry to a base. My Austrians
and my Prussians

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baccus 6mm Seven Years War

I have been working on some baccus 6mm Seven Years War stuff for a while now. I have a few units done but not flocked. Here is one thats almost done. This is Prussian Grenadier unit IR24/IR34. Im going for a nice long linear look. There are 40 figures per base.