Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My painting coach

Here is a nice photo of my painting coach and very close friend, Sunshine, in action.
She frequently keeps me cat bound in my chair and makes sure I finish my daily Night Goblin.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Serious Squig Color Conundrum

First let me say that I take my painting way too seriously. For as long as I have thought about a Night Goblin army I have always vowed I wouldn't paint the squigs red. I imagined painting them perhaps an earthy color like gray or a brown to reflect their natural habitat. I actually did paint some Warmaster goblins a few years ago and I painted their squigs gray, but it lacked a certain something. When it came to painting my first 'test' squig for my Goblin A Day project, I pretty much ruled out gray from the start. I considered purple, imagining them to look a bit like giant grapes. Next I thought about orange. Orange would make them look a bit like pumpkins. I like big pumpkins. My twisted mind imagined orange squigs squatting and hiding, eyes closed, in pumpkin patches across the farmlands of the Old World waiting for some poor farmer to check on or harvest his crop. This, of course, made me gravitate towards orange, but I saw a photo of some orange squigs and once again they lacked that certain whatzit. They lacked impact. After deliberations I caved in and decided to at least try a red squig. I didn't go fire engine screaming red, but rather a darker blood red. I'm actually pretty happy with my red squig although my wife says it needs some spots or something on its spine and tail. The red gives a nice color contrast to the green and black of the Night Goblins. I'm still tempted to try a dark orange one, though.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finally Flocked

It's been a while since I started Year of the Goblin and although I have been on schedule with my painting of goblins, I finally finished basing (flocking) a unit. For some reason I hate basing and it took me a while to decide how to base these guys. I used to always go right for the Woodland Scenics mixed turf but I have wanted to start using more realistic looking methods for some time. I'm pretty happy with the results although I probably could have gone a shade lighter for the final drybrush on the bases.

As I said previously I am right on schedule, having completed a Goblin a day since I started the project on December 16Th. Prior to that date I had completed 12 Goblins. Today I have 65 goblins done. Here is a photo of the first 28 goblin unit. I have another whole unit complete and then some but haven't finished flocking them yet. As for the unit size I have read that I probably will want to go larger, but I plan to paint the goblins in a unified scheme throughout the army to facilitate converging units if needed.