Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't Always Believe What You Read

In everything you will commonly encounter, goblins have a pretty bad reputation. Night Goblins are no exception. Dwarf propaganda is the leading cause of this problem. The Dwarfs would have you believe their cities were sacked by hordes of 'evil' Night Goblins, and indeed due to their access to printing technology this untruth has spread far and wide. Behold a glimpse of the hidden truth....

First and most important is the fact that when the Dwarfs began to build their undermountain cities, the Night Goblins had already lived peacefully on these lands for ages. During their "Golden Age" the Dwarfs ruthlessly forced the Night Goblins from their ancestral homes. Is it no wonder the hatred that exists for the Dwarfs?

Secondly, the Dwarfs have no regard for nature and all its beauty. Texts speak of the Great Dwarf Cities carved beneath the mountains. Once again the truth is obscured. The Night Goblins live in harmony with the land, and revere the natural wonders of their dark homes. It is easy for one to look upon what the dwarfs have carved and be in awe, but look at what the great caverns were like before and see what destruction they have wrought.

Beyond 100

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last updated Year Of The Goblin. A few milestones have passed in the interim. I reached my 100Th Goblin about a week ago and I meant to put a post up then but although I have been on track getting them painted, most are not flocked. I hope to remedy this in the coming week so I can share a nice pic of the growing horde! In the mean time enjoy the musings of my next post. I have found that when you paint this many Night Goblins you start to think like them a bit...